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Tubac Golf Resort & Spa features a world-class hacienda-style Spa and Salon, both sanctuaries of beauty, relaxation and rejuvenation. Surrounded by the Tumacácori and Santa Rita Mountains, rich landscapes, beautiful gardens, lush grounds and Arizona’s incredibly clear blue skies, The Spa at Tubac is truly a serene desert oasis.

Featured below are three of our March Spa Specials. For all of our Winter Spa Specials click here,


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  • Hours:

    9-6 Mon-Sat; 9-5 Sunday


  • Massage Therapy
  • Body Treatments
  • Skin Care
  • Waxing

Massage Therapy

Our massage and body treatments are a blend of traditional, time honored healing modalities and signature techniques that have been developed exclusively for The Spa at Tubac. The ingredients for our products are gathered from small farms and are produced especially for the Spa at Tubac Golf Resort. Consult with our spa professionals to select the best therapy for you.

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  • Focus Pocus $70 - 25 minutes

    This express massage therapy focuses on localized areas of stiffness and discomfort using neuromuscular trigger point holds and compressions to release patterns of holding and tension in the body. Can be booked as a stand-alone service or added to any body therapy.

  • Tubac Massage starting at $105

    A relaxing and calming Swedish massage known to improve circulation and enhance balance.

    $105 – 50 minutes

    $140 – 80 minutes

  • Tubac Custom Aromatherapy starting at $120

    Your journey begins with your therapist preparing a blend of aromatic oils designed to address your needs in the moment. Then you are gently dry-brushed, stimulating and opening your skin to better receive the therapeutic oils. Your special blend is then massaged into your body using a style or technique which compliments the effect of the oils you’ve selected. So, whether you are looking for increased energy, deep let-go or a nurturing atmosphere, you will be sure to receive the treatment you need.

    $120 – 50 minutes

    $160 – 80 minutes

  • Rancher’s Deep Tissue Massage starting at $120

    This deep therapeutic massage uses a combination of direct pressure and slow, deep strokes to release restrictions in muscles and deeper layers of fascial tissue. In specific areas of tension your therapist will use neuromuscular trigger point holds to break the patterns of holding arising from posture, repetitive motion, stress or injury.

    $120 – 50 minutes

    $160 – 80 minutes

  • Spanish Sage Sport Massage starting at $120

    After a preparation of rocking, compressions and stretching to begin to loosen the muscles and tissues, the whole body is warmed and massaged with mountain arnica massage oil, scented with Spanish sage and lavender. Arnica is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to soothe sprains and rheumatic muscle and joint pain. The massage continues with classic combinations of sports stretches, compressions and deep tissue work to restore mobility, vitality and body comfort.

    $120 – 50 minutes

    $160 – 80 minutes

  • Santa Rita Hot Stone Massage starting at $120

    This massage promotes a deep inner calm, quieting the mind and leaving you relaxed yet refreshed. Upward strokes from feet to head bring back fresh energy and a sense of renewal. After this, slow, deep strokes with hot stones are used to melt away knotted muscles allowing you to float into a deep relaxation. This massage supports the movement of toxins out of the body.

    $120 – 50 minutes

    $160 – 80 minutes

  • Hacienda Massage starting at $120

    This blissfully comforting full body warm oil massage will gently soothe the over-stimulated nervous system, relieve overall fatigue and nourish the body.

    Following a full body dry brushing, traditional Indian massage techniques combined with pure rose geranium, ylang-ylang and rosewood oils add to the effect by gently warming and calming the body. This session tends to leave you with a profound feeling of peace and heartfelt well-being.

    $120 – 50 minutes

    $160 – 80 minutes

  • Couples Massage

    All of the massages above are available for you both to enjoy with the exception of the Santa Rita Hot Stone Massage.

  • Tumacácori Pre-Natal starting at $120

    With a blend of mother-and-baby safe organic oils to nourish the skin and protect against the appearance of stretch marks, you will enjoy a relaxing massage which releases tired muscles and eases discomfort. Emotionally soothing, the light scent of organic tangerine and jasmine essential oils in our Prenatal Massage blend have an uplifting and positive effect, while wheat-germ and rosehip feed and protect your skin. Using strokes suited to pregnancy and supportive body cushions this massage will help you enjoy your body and bring you into a state of peaceful contentment.

    $120 – 50 minutes

    $160 – 80 minutes

  • Reflexology $70

    According to reflexology theory, specific points on the hands and feet correspond to specific organs and areas of the body.  Applying pressure to these points promotes health and wellness throughout the body.

    $70 – 25 minutes (feet only)

    $105 – 50 minutes (feet and can include hands)

  • Hair Glow Hot Oil Scalp Massage Add On: $70

    Fall into a deep, peaceful state as warmed oils of jojoba, kukui nut and vetiver are massaged into your scalp. This has the effect of calming your mind, cleansing the hair follicles for healthy growth, and strengthening and conditioning the hair for a lustrous shine. Who would have thought that bliss could be so good for you?

    Add on, 25 minutes.

  • Jumping Ginger Foot Massage (or Desert Trail Foot Massage) Add On: $70

    We know the secret to making your feet feel light, lively and luscious again. Organic ginger extracts blended with tea tree and mango butter are massaged into feet and lower legs to awaken circulation and to energize. Using energy point techniques, work on your feet can re-balance the whole body leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed.

    Add on, 25 minutes.

Body Treatments

All of our body treatments are pampering experiences that stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, and increase the flow of nutrients to rebalance and remineralize your entire body.  Whether experiencing our 50- or 80-minute treatments, you will leave The Spa feeling relaxed and renewed.

  • Turquoise Sage Body Polish starting at $110

    A blend of fossilized desert salts and desert harvested jojoba oil scented with Desert Sage, Mint and Lavender essential oils are applied with circular strokes. Jojoba oil matches the natural oils produced by the skin and so is easily assimilated, nourishing the skin and maintaining supple tone, leaving it with a satin texture. Desert salts are amongst the purest in the world and provide a balanced re-mineralizing and purifying treatment. You emerge feeling radiant and restored.

    $110 – 50 minutes

    $140 – 80 minutes

  • Hacienda Embrace $110 - 50 minutes

    Your skin is polished and cleansed with the most gentle of sugar glows and tiny spheres of Arizona jojoba wax scented with pure oils of Rose, Geranium and Rosewood. As this Jojoba Glaze is washed away it gently foams to further soften and restore luster and balance. Finally, deeply hydrating Heart Full Body Lotion is applied to lock in moisture and leave your skin supple and silky soft. This treatment is gently healing and restorative.

  • Mesquite Vichy Infusion starting at $110

    Delightful and relaxing, you are sprinkled with a gentle body polish of warm mesquite beans, aloe and mineral rich salts which is worked into the skin with exfoliating mitts and washed off under the Vichy with a refreshing foaming lime peel gel. Then the hydration is locked in with a luxurious massage using your choice of orange blossom massage oil or lotion. This scintillating treat will leave you feeling soft, hydrated and with a happy heart.

    $110 – 50 minutes

    $140 – 80 minutes

  • Desert Flower Indulgence $180 - 80 minutes

    You get to select the healing essence of your choosing in this luxurious custom body treat. Using ultra-fine sugar grains drenched in pure jojoba and sunflower oils, and scented with your perfect essential oil, your skin is gently polished to reveal its natural softness and glow. Following this, we take rich, whipped shea butter and blend healing flower petals into it before spreading the fragrant paste onto your skin. While you relax and hydrate, enjoy a deeply soothing scalp treatment with warmed kukui nut oil scented with vetiver and ylang-ylang essences.

  • Mission Fig Body Polish $70 - 25 minutes

    The delicate scent of figs is alluring and irresistible. As well as being a rich source of nutrients for the body, figs are soothing and hydrating to the skin. This luxurious body service uses fig extracts in a base of fine sugar and botanical oils to condition and protect the skin, leaving you deliciously hydrated. We finish with an application of our signature Mission Fig lotion.

Skin Care

All of our skin care treatments are pampering experiences that cleanse the skin while making it look younger and healthier.  Whether experiencing our 25-, 50-, or 80-minute facials, you will leave the Spa feeling relaxed and renewed.

  • Focus Pocus Facial $70 - 25 minutes

    A refreshing facial consists of exfoliation, steaming, and cleansing of clogged pores. As a finishing touch, the appropriate face mask treatment is applied. This treatment is beneficial for all skin types.

  • Tubac Signature Aromatherapy Facial starting at $105

    A delightful aromatic blend of pure essential oils makes this facial unforgettable. This experience includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, an aromatic massage, and the ideal mask best suited for your skin type. Mask options: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Combination, Acne. Choose the 80-minute facial if you would like to enjoy a relaxing hand and food treatment.

    $105 – 50 minutes

    $140 – 80 minutes

  • Custom Anti-Aging $120 - 50 minutes

    Let our knowledgeable aestheticians craft a customized cutting-edge anti-aging treatment for you with potent anti-aging ampoules, and luxurious masks. Recommended for skin with dehydration, wrinkles, lack of luster and loss of elasticity.

  • Orange Blossom – Vitamin C $150 - 80 minutes

    A radical facial treatment for dull and dehydrated skin, this facial combines the high potency of Vitamin “C” with a stimulating freeze-dried seaweed rendering skin firmer, brighter, more rejuvenated, and velvety-soft. An excellent treatment for sunbathers with sun-damaged skin. Soft lift-off mask.

  • Sonoran Soother-Sensitive Skin $160 - 80 minutes

    This highly effective, soothing treatment calms redness and alleviates irritated or sensitive skin.

  • Gentlemen’s Facial starting at $105

    This treatment specifically targets clogged pores, sensitivity, and razor burn while promoting total relaxation. This facial includes deep cleansing, steaming and extraction. As a final step, a treatment mask is applied to refine the pores, soothe and hydrate the skin.

    $105 – 50 minutes

    $140 – 80 minutes

  • Rosacea Facial $150 - 80 minutes

    Treat your skin to all the benefits that Green Tea, Licorice, and French Rose have to offer. This facial soothes the skin, eases blotchiness, and reduces redness and is an ideal treatment for all microcirculation problems and hypersensitive skin conditions, specifically Couperose, Erythrose, Erythrocouperose and Rosacea. (Hard lift-off mask).

  • Micro-Retinol Facial $150 - 80 minutes

    Amplify results and recapture radiance. Featuring an unsurpassed formula, this high performance treatment combines a deep cleansing, potent yet gentle peel, and Micro-Retinol treatment to immediately stimulate cellular growth resulting in smoother, denser, and younger-looking skin instantly.


  • Lip or Chin $18 Each

  • Brow $20

  • Brow Tint $20

  • Brow & Lip Combo $36

  • Arm $30

  • Half Leg $40

  • Full Leg $65

  • Bikini $45

  • Face $35

  • Back $60 & Up

  • Bikini & Half Leg $65

  • Under Arm $25

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